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The Seven C's of Leadership Resilience

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Maintaining a sense of calm that helps others respond to issues in a positive, resilient way.

Showing kindness, compassion, and empathy with others, fostering trust and mutual respect.

Encouraging and supporting others to approach problems and opportunities with a bold “can-do” mindset.

Leveraging strengths in your team while encouraging them to hold a growth-mindset.

Providing means for the team to gain the skills and knowledge needed to surmount challenges.

Empowering and enabling others to take charge of their proper areas of responsibility and autonomy.

Clarifying what they can control, what they can’t, and what they can influence.

Growing cohesive connections and maintaining healthy relationships.

Asking for support and offering to others in need.

Having a sense of purpose and meaning.

Inspiring belief in and support for bigger-than-self goals.

Believing that one’s presence and actions are valued and appreciated by others.

Do You Know Your Leadership Resilience Quotient?

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Bill Hefferman

I am a consultant and speaker focused on leading for resilience. I guide leaders and teams through tough issues and challenging times.